The best landing page builders for 2020

The best landing page builders for 2020

Looking for the best landing page builders for 2020?

You’re in luck… Because we did all the hard work for you.

But before we present to you our 2020 edition of the best landing page builders out there, here’s a quick note:

When compiling this list, we reviewed the landing page builders that come bundled with email marketing and CRM and other solutions (for free or for additional fees).

And the website builders that double up as landing page builders.

And even WordPress drag & drop themes that act as landing page builders as well.

Though we ended up filtering out most of these options because they all tend to box users in some way or the other. For example, to use MailChimp’s landing page builder, you get tied to it in a way. If you use a website builder to build and host landing pages, your landing pages will only be as fast as your website builder is… and website builders can be painfully slow. Also, because most marketers aren’t designers, they don’t make the best use of such drag and drop editors for designing conversion-optimized landing pages. WordPress themes, too, have similar conversion and speed issues when used for serving landing pages.

That pretty much left us with the options that are designed to deliver just that — landing pages.

Here goes.


Fastpages - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

One of the best landing page builders you could consider for delivering your clients’ landing pages this year is FastPages.

FastPages is optimized for 90+ points from Google’s Pagespeed Insights and is up to 10X faster than the competitors. FastPages delivers your landing pages in a flash — in just 1/4th of a second, to be precise.

Now, we may be a little biased here… after all, FastPages is our product. But thousands of agencies and businesses trust it for delivering blazing-fast landing pages optimized for conversions for their or their clients’ users.

FastPages does just one thing: Offers a lightning-fast and beautiful landing page experience that converts.

And it does it well.

You get high-converting landing page templates (that load before your users blink!), a WYSIWYG editor, and integrations with most of your most-needed landing page tools.

If you only need high-converting landing pages, FastPages is all you might need. With easy $49/mo plans supporting 100,000 monthly page views and 10 domains, FastPages works well for most agencies.

We’ve got a lifetime deal on right now. For a one-time payment of $197, you can get lifetime access to our $49/mo plan. We’re also offering 5 additional domains. So you can deliver landing pages for 15 of your clients with 100,000 pageviews/month


The best landing page builders for 2020 - LeadPages
Leadpages - one of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Leadpages has been one of the best landing page builders in the optimization space. 

Now, though, it has transitioned from being a landing page builder to a full-blown website maker solution. 

But either way, with features like A/B and split testing, real-time optimization insights (that appear right as you build a landing page), and support for unlimited users, LeadPages is a solid option to consider.

If you want to create a website for yourself or for a client, you could check out its $37/mo plan. A big drawback of this plan though is that it doesn’t come with A/B testing, so you won’t be able to utilize the unlimited traffic it supports! For that, you need to go with its $48/mo plan. 

And if you’re an agency that delivers websites cum landing pages for your clients, you need to go with its $199/mo plan as it unlocks the entire solution and supports up to 50 websites.

Instapage - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Instapage, one of the best landing page builders for 2020 (and you could even say that it’s future proof!), comes with 500+ beautiful landing page templates across different industries and use cases.

You also get a few native integrations (and hundreds via Zapier), features like dynamic text replacement, server-side A/B testing, heatmaps and more.

One thing that gets clear as you evaluate Instapage is that it’s only for savvy businesses and agencies that cater to the more mature clients. It offers more than what you’d expect from a landing page builder but it’s pricey as well. Instapage’s monthly plan costs $199 and supports just 30,000 unique visitors and 30 pages. So you’re getting some very limited bandwidth here.


Unbounce - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Unbounce is one of the most mature and proven landing page builder solutions in the market.

It gives you access to hundreds of gorgeous conversion-optimized landing page templates and intel into how you can optimize your landing page campaigns with smart targeting rules and other features.

Unbounce’s entry-level plan — that supports 1 domain, 500 conversions, and 20,000 visitors — sets you back by $80/mo. This plan doesn’t include A/B testing or any of its advanced targeting and scheduling features. So if you’re an agency that has savvy clients and need its AI features and all, expect to pay at least $200/mo, where you get about 40,000 unique visitors and support for 7 domains.

Note: When Unbounce started charging users for their conversions (for example, a click on the CTA button), many users got upset. And naturally so… because if users click on the buy button, it doesn’t mean that they end up purchasing as well. So keep that in mind when considering Unbounce.


Landingni - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Landingni, touted as the affordable alternative to the “biggies” (Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages among others), is a proven landing page builder solution you could consider or migrate to in 2020.

It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles these offer but it comes with everything most businesses and agencies need with a landing page builder solution.

If you want to use Landingni to create landing pages for your business website, you can check out its $47/mo plan. This plan supports 5,000 users. You can pay $15/mo extra for 50,000 additional users and another $10/mo for 10 additional domains. However, this one doesn’t unlock the entire Landingni suite. For example, it doesn’t come with CRM/sales integrations or integrations via Zapier for your landing pages. These features are available only in its $89/mo plan.

However, if you want to use Landingni for delivering landing pages for your clients’ websites, you get a better deal than most other options with plans starting at $199/mo and support for 500,000 users and 50 domains. You can purchase additional traffic bandwidth and domains.


Lander - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Lander is another solid landing page builder solution to check out in 2020.

In addition to its 100+ landing page templates, Lander also supports A/B testing.

Lander’s basic plan — with support for 3 custom domains and 5,000 visitors — costs $49/mo (and $16/mo when bought annually) with the professional one selling at $99/mo. Since the basic plan doesn’t come with Zapier integration or technical support, you might want to consider the higher-tier plan only.


Pagewiz - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Pagewiz — one of the best landing page builders you could go with in 2020 — lets you create high-performing landing pages and also A/B test them.

With over 100 templates, 800+ integrations (via Zapier), an easy WYSIWYG editor, advanced reporting via URL parameters, and more, Pagewiz offers a good deal.

If you pay monthly, Pagewiz will cost you $29/mo. This plan would have been very affordable if only its usage limits were a little generous. This one, however, only allows 5,000 unique visitors. Note that you can’t run statistically significant A/B tests with such small sample sizes. (This is true for most landing pages with testing capabilities actually.) Also, this plan only supports two domains. So if you’re an agency serving multiple clients, this will probably not fit your needs. The $199 that supports 100,000 users might work for you but then it might also come across as pretty expensive depending on your budget.


Flauntly - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

Flauntly is another great landing page builder option to consider in 2020.

It appears that Flauntly wants to only offer the absolute essentials that most agencies and businesses need from landing pages. So you get beautiful templates with support for unlimited domains.

Customization options, however, might feel a little limiting to you.

Flauntly’s single-user plan comes for $25/mo. This plan supports unlimited pages, bandwidth, and custom domains. This premium plan also offers easy integration with Google Analytics. So you can measure and report on the performance of your landing pages even more accurately.


Bitrix24 - One of the best landing page builders for 2020.

If you’re looking for a very basic landing page builder — that doesn’t come with hundreds of glossy templates, dozens of tools, and tens of features (that most businesses probably don’t need anyway) — the “zero budget” Bitrix24.Site landing page builder might be the best option for you.

From the Bitrix family (a leading open source CRM and collaboration software), Bitrix25. Site is actually a website builder that doubles up as a landing page builder. With it, you can build and host unlimited, mobile-friendly landing pages on your domain. You also get a live chat widget, flexible form building functionalities, and the ability to book appointments and accept payments among others.

Not just that, any leads that convert on your Bitrix24 landing page get added to Bitrix’s CRM in the backend where you can start marketing to them (emails, SMSes, etc.) for free upto some limit.

If you’re a business that’s only looking to get started with a bunch of landing pages, Bitrix24 might just be the best landing page builder for you. For the same reason, this isn’t for you if you’re an agency delivering landing pages for multiple domains and you’re looking to boost conversion rates for your clients.

So those are your best website builders for 2020 (and beyond)…

But before you finalize one, make sure that you read its reviews on third-party review websites like Capterra.

We’ve seen first-hand in the industry, and also observed while researching for this post that most landing page builders don’t grandfather their users into their revised (higher) plans. So read the fine print!

Over to you: Did your favorite landing page builder make it to this list? And what are your key considerations when buying a landing page builder? Tell us in the comments.

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