6 Reasons Why Your Site's Page Speed Matters

How often have you carried out an online search on a site engine, opened multiple tabs of the most fitting search engine results, and immediately right after, shut down all the pages that were taking longer to load? If you’re like me, then pretty often. In the digital age, the internet is full of so much information that if your site visitors cannot get the information they are looking for from you in the shortest possible time, they will instantly switch to your competitor’s site. It does not matter how great the content in your site is. If your page load speed is anything short of instant, you will lose a great number of your site visitors.

Studies have shown that nearly half of your site visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than just 3 seconds to load. This might eventually cost you thousands of subscriptions, or millions in annual sales and profits. Your site’s speed and performance will correspondingly influence its bounce rate. In fact, research by Portent showed that every extra second of load time would cost you an average of 4.42% drop in conversion rates.

How FastPages Guarantees Fast Page Speed

FastPages Page Speed Insights

FastPages is designed, tweaked, and refined to ensure that all your site visitors stay on your site or landing page, with a page speed of less than 0.25 seconds. This is 12x faster than the recommended 3-second speed and ten times better than all other landing page builders. How is FastPages able to achieve such lightning-fast speeds? With the unique layer on the cloud infrastructure, the Amazon CloudFront, minified page sources, and compressed images, you do not have to worry about your landing page load speed.

Simply put, page speed is the duration of time it takes for your webpage to display all the contents on it. It has become a primary factor for websites and landing pages, as the bars are raised by competitors every year. The shorter it takes for your pages to load, the better for your site.

Here are some of the reasons why your site’s page speed matters:

1.      Conversion Rates

Studies have shown that landing pages and websites with faster page speeds generally experience higher sales and an increase in conversions. For instance, AliExpress experienced an increase of 10.5% in orders and 27% in conversions by merely reducing their page speed by 36%. That’s not all! AutoAnything saw up to 12-13% sales increase by reducing their page load time by half. These are the kind of figures you will experience on your landing pages when you use FastPages. It can’t get any better with a page speed of less than a quarter of a second!

2.      User experience

Everything comes down to user experience. Your clients, customers, and site visitors all want access to fast online service. If they have to make a sale, subscribe, sign up for webinars or courses, they should be able to do so almost instantly. If your users and loyal followers have to wait every time they load a page on your site, then the lack of efficiency and poor performance will definitely drive them away. You will undoubtedly experience fewer return visitors on your page, as they slowly shift to your other competitors. Make their experience swift and effortless with the exceptional page speed offered by FastPages.

3.      Bounce Rate:

Don’t let your site visitors leave your site before they even get to explore it. The bounce rate refers to the percentage of your site visitors who leave your site after viewing only a single page. If you’re experiencing higher bounce rates, your page speed and site speed could be the reason. Statistics prove that sites and landing pages with the fastest page speeds of less than 5 seconds experience approximately 35% lower bounce rates, 60% higher page views, with users spending 70% longer sessions on their sites. Amazing! Right?

4.      Search Engine Optimization

If you want your webpages to rank highly, then you’ll definitely have to pay attention to your page speeds. Since 2010, Google decided to incorporate a site’s performance in its rankings, and this includes your page speed and site speed, especially on mobile devices. Therefore, lower page speed will cost your site its search engine rankings, and consequently, the organic traffic to your webpages.

5.      Brand Impression

When creating an online business or brand, every single aspect matters. Your logo, your page design, your theme colours, and your unique value proposition, among others. However, most online businesses do not realize just how crucial their site speed and page speed is on the impression of their brand. Faster page speeds are a sign of efficiency, professionalism, and competitiveness. Webpages and landing pages that load nearly instantly your site visitors click on it will be the icing on the cake to building a more loyal following and customer base.

6.      Return on Investment

For all the paid adverts and marketing efforts that you do, having a high bounce rate as a result of lower speed will consequently cost you conversions, sales, profits, and returns. You do not want to be the kind of site that keeps your potential customers waiting at the checkout because the page just won’t load in time. Losing over 50% of your site visitors will consequently reflect on your sales, and potentially lose you millions in revenues annually. If you’re still working on optimizing the page speed of your business website, then create a landing page with FastPages for all your paid adverts and experience the higher ROI on all your paid adverts and marketing campaigns. It comes with impressive page speeds, exceptional features, and outstanding optimized templates.


Page speed is highly essential for your landing pages and other web pages. Even before your clients get to view your site, your page load speed is the first impression they get on your level of efficiency. There are different platforms you can use for your site’s page load speed test, such as Google PageSpeed Insights. Once you acquire and analyze your pagespeed insights, you will need to refine and optimize your site for the highest performance. However, with FastPages, you are already guaranteed of a page speed of less than a quarter a second. Therefore, you can be sure of higher conversions and the optimal performance of your landing pages.

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