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8 types of Landing Pages for your Websites

In order to be better equipped to convert your site visitors into customers and subscribers, you need to use optimized landing pages. Selecting and designing the best type of landing page for your campaign requires you to analyze and consider the type of offer you are promoting and at which stage the user is in the funnel. Chances of users converting to customers are significantly increased when the users arrive at the right type of landing page after clicking on your links, and there are multiple landing page examples you can use on your site.

To improve your conversion rates, you will need to know which type of landing pages is appropriate for a given campaign. The types of landing pages differ in benefits and purposes. FastPages, as a landing page builder, offers you super-fast landing pages, and multiple types and designs of high-converting landing page templates you can choose from. This way, you are able to tailor your campaigns to fit your goals, therefore increasing traffic and conversions to your web pages.

Below are some of the landing page examples you may need for your websites:

1.       Lead Capture Landing Page

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In the marketing funnel, a lead capture landing page is widely used to source for more information from the users. It is often recommended that the lead-capturing forms in these pages be kept to a minimum, for high conversions. It is important to collect only the necessary information from your site visitors, such as the name and email address only. If further information is required, such as business names, job titles, or industry, using multi-page forms will prevent your site visitors from feeling overwhelmed with the number of entries they have to fill. You might also need to offer an incentive to your customers in exchange for their information, such as downloadable eBooks, Guides, or access to bonus content.


FastPages has templates that are highly optimized for lead capturing, even with elements such as Quizzes ending with lead forms to ensure you grow your mailing list as fast as possible. You can also integrate your FastPages forms with multiple Mail Campaign tools for automated responses, contact management, customer relationship management, and email marketing campaigns.

2.       Sales Landing Page

sales landing page is basically used to persuade people to buy products and services and is used at the bottom of the sales funnel. It should contain convincing descriptions of the benefits of your products or services to your site visitors. Depending on your campaign, your target audience, and the level of knowledge of your potential customers, the sales page can be long or short.

For simple, basic products or emergency services, a short landing page would do. However, in some situations, you may need a long-form sales landing page addressing all the relevant information to your potential customers. This especially works in highly sensitive products or services where your customer may require complete information to make a decision, or where you are introducing new revolutionary technology into the market.

Irrespective of the length, FastPages allows you to create sales landing pages that will ensure that your sales hit the roof. The video and image elements will enable you to add informative explainer videos and high-quality promotional images to your sales landing page. You can also use the text element to add your witty headlines, and the payment element to add a stripe-connected ‘Buy Now’ call-to-action to allow your site visitors to purchase from you in a single click. The countdown feature is also particularly crucial in timing your offers and discounts for higher conversions.

3.       Paid Advert Landing Page

Depending on your main reason for advertising, you will need to create a paid advert landing page tailored to your target audience. You can even create different landing page examples for your followers on various platforms, according to their tastes and preferences. A paid advertising landing page can be designed to increase sales, generate leads, or just to inform.

Either way, with FastPages, you will be able to create a clean and simple, mobile-responsive landing page that fits its purpose, with a striking call-to-action button for maximum ROI on all your online ads and campaigns.

4.       Splash Landing Page

The Splash Landing Page is essentially the page you land on after clicking a link to a website or blog. It usually precedes the pages on your site, and is often used for announcements related to the content on the following article or webpage that the reader is redirected to. A splash landing page can also be used to allow the user to change the setting of how to they want to view the page, such as the language, or to lead the site visitors to more targeted content according to their selections.

5.       Click-Through Landing Page

A Click-through landing page is another type of landing page that you might need if you’re aiming to increase your sales. For products or services that the potential customers can obtain a free trial or demo online, this type of landing page contains a call-to-action compelling the customer to claim the free trial.

Just like in the sales landing page, the click-through landing page usually contains information on the benefits and features of the products or services offered, but allows the customer to try the product before committing to purchasing. On clicking the ‘Try Now’ or ‘Free Demo’ call-to-action button, the customer is then directed to a page with the pricing details requesting payment information to begin the trial. Even though the checkout amount is always zero for the free trial, this method helps you to get clients to commit to subscriptions for your products, software or services, allowing them to cancel subscriptions whenever they wish to.

6.       Thank You Landing Page

This is the page where a user gets redirected to after they have completed an application, made a purchase, filled out a form, or entered their information. It has the opportunity to grasp the attention of a user into becoming a frequent customer. You can use your Thank You Landing Page for listing your campaigns and products, reassuring a lead why making a purchase was the right thing to do, or recommending content for your lead to consume.

7.       A Launch Landing Page

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A launch landing page is the best way to announce to your site visitors that you have a new amazing product or service that you’re currently working on. Also knows as the Coming Soon landing page, this page allows you to include a countdown to the launch of your product so that your potential customers can know when to expect it. A launch landing page allows you to create a buzz around your new product or service right before it hits the market. You can also include a lead form to let your interested site visitors subscribe to an update of when the product officially launches.


8.       Pricing Landing Page

Quite often, the pricing landing page is usually linked to the paid advert landing page, the sales landing page, or the click-through landing page. It outlines the various payment packages available to your potential customers and the features that come with each. It is also a great platform for listing any deals, offers, or discounts to entice your potential customers to complete the sale. FastPages allows you to add a call-to-action button to your Pricing Landing Page to allow your potential customers to take action or make payments instantly.


FastPages offers you a wide variety of types and designs of landing page examples and templates  for your campaigns to enable you to achieve higher leads, more customers and thus increase conversion rates for your site. This is even more achievable with the super-fast loading pages, with a page speed of less than a quarter of a second.

What you get here is value for money as you will have a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable platform to get more sales and leads. You can create and publish an unlimited number of landing pages and connect to multiple domains. There is a Pricing Plan to fit every budget. Try it today!

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