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10 tips on How to Sell Online with Landing Pages

You may be attracting large volumes of traffic to your landing page, but that volume might not reflect on your sales. This is a common challenge in online marketing, and you may be wondering how to solve this. A landing page generally enables you to achieve higher conversion rates that will lead to an increase in your leads and generate sales volume. However, depending on the choice of your landing page and the objectives of your campaigns, your advertisement content and design is what will convince your landing page visitors to convert to customers.

No need to worry, because that is where FastPages comes in! FastPages is a simple, easy-to-use landing page builder that offers you a user-friendly online editor and advanced elements to create a high converting landing page, with no coding required. It also provides you with multiple types of optimized landing page design templates and campaigns to choose from. All that is left for you to do is tailor your campaigns to your brand, to increase traffic to your web pages.

Working with FastPages as the fastest loading landing page boosts your conversion rates by ensuring your web page visitors do not turn away from your valuable campaigns.

How to Generate Sales Without Putting Pressure on Your Leads

Below are some of the most effective ways you can use to generate sales online while using FastPages landing pages.

1.      Make your landing page more compelling

generate sales

FastPages has already made the first steps for you by designing the most elegant templates for your use. All you need to do is add your scripted words and relevant images to your campaign. First, make use of captivating words and headlines. Do your market research to find out what your customers are looking for in the product you’re selling, then include it in your landing pages. For example, if you’re selling an electrical product, terms such as “energy-saving” will instantly draw the attention of your potential customers.

Secondly, your choice of images matters too. A simple picture with no background will not have the same effect on your web page visitors as a high-quality one with a clear background, and where possible a model posing with it, to show the product in use.

2.      Concentrate your pitch on benefits not features

You do not want to fill up the entire length of your FastPages templates with too many details on your product or service features. Your potential customers want to know exactly what your product will do for them, not just what it has.

Focusing on just the features tends to, in some way, put pressure on your web page visitors, making it look like you’re trying to compel them to buy your product. By focusing on how they are going to benefit from your campaigns, you make your customers the centre of attention, and not your product or business.

3.      Display Problem Solving Solutions

generate sales

The most crucial detail in any unique value proposition is showing your potential clients exactly what problem your product is solving, and why it’s different from the other products in the market. By highlighting the main issue your potential customers are experiencing, they will automatically be curious to know how it can be solved.

Therefore, in addition to listing the benefits and advantages of your products or services, do not forget to let your site visitors know that what you are offering is going to solve their problems.

4.      Do not overcrowd your landing page

As a marketer, you may be tempted to put all your product or service information and details for web page visitors to see and be informed in an instant. The downside of this is that it becomes extremely overwhelming to potential customers when they are bombarded with all that information at a go. FastPages landing pages have been designed to help you make your campaigns nice, clean, and simple. Therefore, be selective on the information you want to share, and stick only with the essentials.

5.      Show social proof and acceptance


Your web page visitors are more likely to convert when they see proof that your product or service already has a big fan base. This could be in terms of reviews, recommendations, likes, and shares. These play a significant role in positively affecting the purchasing decision of your potential customers.


6.      Incorporate an irresistible deal into your campaign

It is a fact that many individuals tend to buy things they do not need just because they are on offer. To boost your sales, offers, coupons, and discounts are some of the most powerful tools to use. It is essential to also include a timeline or deadline with your offer to compel your customers to take action promptly. FastPages has a countdown timer that you can incorporate into your campaign for higher conversions.  

7.      Your landing page content should not feel pushy

The products or services you are campaigning for should be allowed to generate sales on their own without sounding needy. This way, your web page visitors are able to see clearly for themselves the benefits they will get on conversion. Clear, brief, and professional content, backed up with great testimonials and a direct call-to-action will automatically inspire confidence in your product or brand.

8.      Know the level of awareness of your audience

Understanding just how much your potential customers know about your product or service is key to building a high-converting landing page with FastPages. You can make numerous Landing Pages to suit different audiences depending on their respective levels of knowledge. Still, you should at least have one that covers all the relevant information in the simplest wording with regards to your campaign. This way, you will be able to convince most of your landing page visitors and, in turn, increase conversion rates.

9.      Make use of powerful marketing words

Using powerful marketing keywords in your landing pages such as New, Improved, or Latest entices your web page visitors. This creates a psychological attraction that makes your potential customers want that which is better than what already exists elsewhere. Since no one wants to buy an outdated edition of any product, your potential customers will most likely be convinced to purchase your product or service this way.

10.  Give a teaser of your product or service

Get to show your site visitors how your product or service works. This way, your potential customers will get to have a brief experience of how suitable your offer is. You can also add test features, trials, and free demos, where relevant, for your potential customers to have a closeup experience. If these options are not possible, such as in the case of a physical product, an explainer video or a product promotional video experience will do. By incorporating these features into the FastPages landing page, you get to establish a bond between your web page visitors and your product or service, by guaranteeing the quality of your products or services through first-hand experience.


FastPages is the place where all your marketing efforts bear fruit. With the optimized landing page templates and the above ten fundamental tips, you are guaranteed to gain high sales volumes for your products or services in no time.

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