Boost Conversions on Your Landing Pages with FastPages Elements

Every high conversion landing page is made up of a number of features that optimize it for more leads, sales, and boost conversions. Unlike your website pages and blog posts, landing pages abide by a proven set of rules with regards to its contents and layouts to compel your site visitors to take action. If you’re new to the concept of landing pages, you can read our article on 6 Easy Steps to a Perfect Landing Page to learn more about how to create a highly converting landing page.

FastPages Landing Page Builder comes with a set of elements strategically designed to guarantee the performance of your landing page and consequently boost your online campaigns. Below are some of the FastPages Elements and how to use them.

FastPages Element to Boost Conversions

·        Text

The text element allows you to add your pitch to your landing page. This is the element you will use to add any scripted content to your landing page, including your captivating headlines, the witty taglines, the benefits, and features, among others. However, how you choose to edit your text using this element is what makes all the difference.

By selecting the text, you will be able to select the style, whether it’s a paragraph or a heading. These options come with different formats, but you can further edit the font size, colour, boldness, italics, strikethrough, or underline. You can also add a hyperlink to the selected text to build internal or external links to other pages or sites.

These options give you the flexibility to create a landing page design that is on-brand. With the use of the colours, fonts, and styling options you can choose to draw more attention to the most important text such as the headlines or offers. Bolder, larger, and brighter fonts draw more attention to the information you would like to highlight. Strikethrough also comes in handy if you want to highlight the difference between the regular price and the offer price in a sale.

·        Image

Images are a fantastic addition to any landing page. High-quality images that are relevant to the brand speak volumes in convincing your site visitors to take the desired action. The Image Element allows you to add, resize, and align images on your landing page to match your layout.

You can add different angles of product images, images of the products in use, before and after photos, testimonial images, your logos, and any other images that may add to the credibility of your brand and business.

·        Button

The Button Element is perhaps one of the most important features on your landing page. This element allows you to add a clickable button to your landing page, edit its text, add a link to it, and edit its colour, style, and alignment.

The Button feature is often used to add the call-to-action to your landing page. It should, therefore, be conspicuously positioned, with bold fonts and contrasting colours to draw the attention of the site visitor to it.

·        Spacer

The spacer element is particularly useful in inserting gaps into your landing pages. You can add as many spacers as you need into your FastPages sections. You can use the spacers to position an item in the section, for instance to the bottom or middle of the section.

Spacing is important in the creation of landing pages because blank spaces can be used to draw the attention of the reader to a certain point. For example, adding white space between your section contents and the call-to-action would immediately bring more focus to the call-to-action button, making it stand out more, even if your site visitor fails to read all the other content.

·        Icon & Icon Text

The Icon and the Icon Text are two separate elements in FastPages but serve similar purposes. As the name suggests, the icon element allows you to add just an icon image, whereas the Icon Text comes with an additional area for adding related text.

With FastPages, you can select from a wide range of icons from the Icon Gallery, change their colours, or adjust their sizes. If you’re using the Icon Text, you can access all the editing options for text simply by highlighting it.

The uses of these elements are endless. You can use the icon element to add quotation speech marks to your testimonials, and stars to your reviews. You can optionally use the icon text to boldly state the benefits or services your brand offers in a bulleted list.

·        Countdown

In every aspect of sales and marketing, timelines and deadlines have been proven to be an excellent motivator for purchases, offers, and subscriptions. By simply giving your site visitor an ultimatum, they are made aware of the fact that the offer might lapse if they don’t claim it immediately. With FastPages, you can do this with the Countdown Element and easily boost conversions.

Once you add the countdown, you can edit the date and time for when the timer will stop. You can opt for the Normal Countdown where the same timeline applies to all your site visitors, for example, in the case of a countdown to a product launch. You can also select the Cookie Countdown, where each one of your site visitors will get their own countdown. You can use this in the case where you’re only allowing your site visitors to claim an offer within 1 hour of clicking your link. Since different site visitors will click the link at different times, they will each have their own countdowns.

·        Video

Research by Wyzowl in 2020 showed that 84% of individuals agreed that they had been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a promotional video. Hubspot further found that 54% of consumers were looking forward to seeing more video content from brands. Videos are the easiest way to market your brand and pitch your services to your site visitors in the shortest time possible. It is an effortless way of accessing information, and most people agree that they would prefer to watch a video than read through a page.

Therefore, if you want to boost conversions, using the FastPages video element in your landing page design, above the fold, is the way to go. Once you have piqued your audience’s attention with your video pitch, they will be more receptive to clicking on the call-to-action. After inserting the video element, add the link of its source, and it will be embedded onto your landing page. You can also resize it, align it, or select the autoplay option if you want it to start playing immediately the landing page loads.

·        Form

The Form is a very fundamental lead capturing element. It allows you to collect emails, names, and other desired information from your site visitors. This is not only essential for email marketing and growing your mailing lists, but also for registration for products, webinars, memberships, newsletters, and other similar campaigns.

By selecting the form element, FastPages will add a simple and highly optimized form that you can customize to fit your needs. You can click on any of the fields to adjust the size or select whether it is a required field. You can also retype the placeholders indicated in the fields. FastPages allows you to add a variety of field options such as text, email, number, dropdown, checkbox, and text area.

Additionally, you can edit the form button, integrate it with other third-party applications or Stripe, for payments. You are also free to add success and fail messages, as well as a URL for redirection. With this level of efficiency, FastPages forms give you the ultimate flexibility, efficiency, and automation options for your marketing campaign needs, and to boost conversions.

·        Quiz

The quiz element is the best way to engage your site visitors, get their preferences, and target your marketing campaigns so as to boost conversions. With FastPages, you can request your site visitors to respond to the quizzes you set, and according to the outcomes of their quiz, redirect them to a page that is specific to their preferences. You can then add a lead form for collecting their emails in exchange for bonus information that they find valuable. With this targeted approach, the FastPages quiz is guaranteed to give you the highest conversion rates if used strategically on your landing pages.

The FastPages quiz element allows you to add images, multiple questions & answers, then allocate points to each and every answer. According to the points scored by your target audience, you can add logic for different ranges of scores, that responds with either a message, a redirect to a link, or a different page. At the end, the user will be requested to fill a lead form, which you can then link to your mail campaign tool for automated email marketing.

·        Menu

For high conversion landing pages, menus or navigation bars are usually not recommended, to minimize the options your audience has of leaving the site. This is to minimize distractions and compel the user to focus on the call-to-action. However, in the event that your FastPages landing page or website has multiple pages that you would like your site visitor to navigate through, adding a header section, followed by the menu element will allow you to add various pages to your menu. It is important to note that the menu element would require you to have multiple pages, and will also automatically appear in the header section template when added to your page.

·        Embed Element

The embed element by FastPages allows you to add code snippets to your landing page. This gives you the flexibility to customize your landing page as much as you’d like to, and to incorporate other third-party apps that come with code snippets for integration. You can use this feature to improve the functionality of your landing page, by integrating with other apps and tools that improve the automated workflow process for your end-user, therefore boost conversions.

·        Payment

Any landing page that is meant to promote a sale, offer, service, course, or program should come with a payment tool attached. Instead of redirecting your potential customers to a different page to process payments, why not add the payment element directly onto your landing page?

Once you setup your Stripe account on your FastPages dashboard, you can add the payment element, and an automatic ‘Buy Now’ button will be added to your page for single-click payments.


FastPages has gone above and beyond to design elements and features that are highly optimized to boost maximum conversion of your landing pages. If you, perhaps, had not figured out how these elements can improve your landing page, it is now time to go back and add them to yours. With the above elements and tips, you are guaranteed to get the greatest returns on your investments. Try FastPages landing pages today!

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