6 Reasons Why You Should DIY Your Landing Page

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The creation of professional websites and landing page templates is now basically compulsory for competitive companies and brands that aim to create a name for themselves or increase exposure.  While most successful businesses make lots of investments in the digital marketing of their brand and products, what matters is what happens after your potential customers click on your links.

Driving traffic to your website is probably the easier part of the equation, but you still need to figure out how to keep your potential customers on your page and convert them into successful leads and sales.  Imagine you’re the customer, and you see an ad with an incredible offer. You click on the link, and it takes you to the homepage of the company’s website. Now you have to scroll and navigate through the website to find a way to claim that offer. That is where a landing page comes in.

A landing page is created for only one sole purpose and is strategically targeted at a specific audience or potential customers. Once your potential customers click on your ads and links, they are directed to a page that has exactly what they are looking for, zero distractions. Therefore, it leads to higher conversions and more sales. Without a landing page, you risk losing your customers.

However, you don’t need to worry about how to get started on creating a landing page, or hiring a web designer or developer to do this for you. With the development of amazing landing page builders like FastPages, this is a project you can take on yourself, with no previous coding or web design knowledge. Here are our top reasons why you should DIY your landing page design:

1.      Cost

The most common reason for taking up any DIY project is often the cost savings. Similarly, creating your own landing page is highly cost-efficient. Web developers, freelancers, and web designers charge a high fee every single time you need a design, an upgrade, or a revision made. So, what happens when you need a landing page for each one of your new services, campaigns, products, offers, or blogs? The cumulative cost could be extremely high, not forgetting that it is a service that you will continuously need for the lifetime of your business or brand. Why not just do it with FastPages and save yourself all the extra costs?

2.      Time

Time is a resource that you cannot afford to waste as you grow your brand or business. Therefore, taking on a DIY project of creating your landing page within just 10 minutes will save you on all the time you would waste outsourcing this minor project to freelancers and web designers. For instance, you would have to spend a lot of time briefing the designers on all your requirements and scope of work. Thereafter, you have to agree on the costs and payment terms. This is then followed by a period of waiting as they work on your project, and subsequently, revisions and correction. With the fantastic pre-made templates offered by FastPages, you can create as many landing pages as you need in no time, and publish them instantly.

3.      Skill Development

Nothing beats the pride and sense of accomplishment that you feel once you’re done with your first landing page. Knowing you’ve learnt a valuable skill and are better for it is the best way to grow your confidence and empower yourself to manage your business. Technological changes happen every single day. Even though it might be a challenge keeping up with all the other trends, FastPages has made the creation of landing pages a skill that you can master in a day, with no coding knowledge required.

4.      Custom Design and Landing Page Templates

Who knows better what you want than yourself? A DIY landing page is the best way to actualize, to the last detail, the design you are already picturing in your head. FastPages has over 150 sections and landing page templates that you can customize to your own taste and preferences. However, you can go as wild as you want with your imagination and work from blank or skeleton templates. Express yourself with your desired theme colours, fonts, layouts, custom stock photos, image uploads, or downloads from Unsplash. Just do it yourself, to avoid unnecessary revisions or unsatisfactory results.

5.      It’s Easier Than You Think

When we say that anyone can create a landing page in less than 10 minutes, it’s because we know that FastPages has made it incredibly easy. You can create a highly optimized landing page in just three steps. It has a friendly user interface plus exceptional features and elements that you can use to increase your conversions. For instance, you can use the countdown feature to create a sense of urgency, or the exit popup to prompt more conversions. You can also add call-to-action buttons, signup forms, and many other features to your landing pages.  

Additionally, FastPages incorporates search engine optimization tools to help you rank highly for any keywords you’re targeting. You can also create mobile-responsive websites and landing pages and preview them before publishing. You need to try this out yourself to believe just how easy it all is.

6.      Support

You have all the online support to create your landing page if you ever need it. FastPages provides a lot of online help and resources on the use of its platform, including an FAQ section and webhook support. You can also contact the customer service team by email or chats for any inquiries that you have, and they will get back to you promptly.

How to Get Started

As you can see, it’s pretty simple. With FastPages, you can create unlimited landing pages for your site from the optimized landing page templates available, one for every call-to-action or ad. You don’t even need your own custom domain for this. FastPages will provide you with a ready link that you can share with your target audience in your posts and ads. You can also decide to create your entire website with FastPages, or simply integrate your landing page with your WordPress website as a plugin. It’s all within ten minutes and in 3 easy steps. Sign up on FastPages today and get started on creating high conversion landing pages for your website, all by yourself. 

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